QUIQQER Utils - Helper Classes
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Hilfs Klasse von QUIQQER.
Diese Klassen sollen auch unabhängig von QUIQQER funktionieren.

## composer.json

    "repositories": [{
        "type": "composer",
        "url": "http://update.quiqqer.com"

    "require": {
        "quiqqer/utils" : "1.*"

## PHPUnits execution

phpunit  -c phpunit/tests.xml

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A modular based management system written in JavaScript and PHP
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# QUIQQER Management System
Copyright PCSG OhG


## About QUIQQER

QUIQQER is a modular based management system,
written in PHP / JavaScript from PCSG OhG.

If you search a documentation, please look at www.quiqqer.com.
The online Documentation about QUIQQER can you find at doc.quiqqer.com.

On doc.quiqqer.com you can find installation instructions, usefull help and more informations about QUIQQER.

## Thanks

Parts of QUIQQER are free open-source software and not from us.
We thank all for the nice work.

- Composer ( http://getcomposer.org )
- MooTools ( http://mootools.net/ )
- requirejs ( requirejs.org/ )
- AMD css! plugin curl.js ( https://github.com/cujojs/curl )
- animate.css ( http://daneden.me/animate/ )
- moofx (https://github.com/kamicane/moofx/)
- Font Awesome (http://fontawesome.io/)

- QUIQQER Font: http://fontfabric.com/multicolore-free-fonts/

Last but not least, the QUIQQER UI based on MochaUI.
We decided to reimplement MochaUI.
We implemented the AMD definition and rewrite all controls.

Thanks for all the nice lines of code.
If we forget somebody, please not hesitate and write us an email.

Henning and Moritz from PCSG / QUIQQER


- Desktop Manager
- Systemcheck
- Linkchecker
- patch system
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